Bearing Protectors

There are three general classifications of bearing protectors:

  • lip seals
  • labyrinth protectors
  • face-type seals.

Lip seals have been used to protect bearings for about 80 years. They do an excellent job of containing oil and grease in the bearings, and are generally inexpensive. Lip seals’ main drawbacks are that

  • they rely on a sliding contact between a rubber lip and the shaft, which inevitably leads to shaft damage, lip wear, and a relatively short seal life of 1,000 to 3,000 hours
  • they are a one-way device in that they (initially) hold the oil in but do not do a good job of keeping water and dirt out.

The AESSEAL® LabTecta bearing isolator is a non-contacting device which does an excellent job of containing the oil or grease in the bearing, while also excluding water and solid particles. In addition to the labyrinth, or tortuous path, the LabTecta features a patented vapor shut-off valve which allows hot vapors from the bearing side to escape to atmosphere, but does NOT allow moist air to enter when the machine is shut down.

Lab Tecta Bearing Isolator

The MagTecta is a patented, dual-face, magnetically-energized bearing seal which draws on AESSEAL’s® 30 years of mechanical seal engineering experience. The faces are tungsten carbide vs. antimony carbon, which are the same materials that have proven to give long wearing capabilities to pump mechanical seals. The MagTecta is the only true hermetically-sealing device for sealing a bearing housing or gearbox.


Pro-Seal Service Group offers the complete AESSEAL® line of contacting and non-contacting bearing protectors, and has the technical expertise to help you select the right seal for your application, to maximize ROI and minimize costly down time. Pro-Seal understands that one protector design does NOT fit all applications, and has experience specifying and installing bearing protectors in some of the most difficult applications, including salt mines, refineries, rock mines, pulp and paper mills, and chemical plants.

MagTecta & LabTecta