October 1987:
Pro-Seal Service group was incorporated. A classic fluid, sealing, mechanical packing and distribution company, Pro-Seal started with five employees working from Southeastern Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Partnering with Royal Purple, the industry leader in synthetic industrial lubricants, Pro-Seal SG began offering high quality lubricants for pumps, gear boxes, mechanical seal barrier fluids and more. Today, Pro-Seal SG is the worldwide leader in Royal Purple distribution.

As the company continued to expand, new facilities were purchased in Madison Heights, Michigan.

Pro-Seal officially engaged AES Seal with a distribution agreement for Michigan.

The addition of industrial spray nozzles and accessories by Delavan Inc. to the Pro-Seal SG line of product distribution

Pro-Seal partners decided the time was right to add ‘Services’ to the list of product offerings. The Pro-Seal Mechanical Seal Refurbishment Center was opened.

2001: With the Alaska business growing, the Alaska Branch office was opened with 2 Alaska employees.

2002: For innovation, Pro-Seal was awarded the Daimler Chrysler Five Star award.

A pattern of service and supply was developing at Pro-Seal and it became apparent Pro-Seal needed to enter the “Pump” industry. By hiring (3) pump experts with over 60 years of experience in distribution and pump service, Pro-Seal entered the pumping world. Key distribution agreements were signed with pump manufacturers I/R ARO and Summit Pump.

Again requiring more space and a centralized location, Pro-Seal moved its HQ to Automation Alley) Pontiac/Auburn Hills. The newly constructed 26,500 sq foot facility provided the much needed space and handling capabilities for the pump division.

Pro-Seal added to British Petroleum approved supplier list for seal repair. Pro-seal is one of only two companies in Alaska on the Approved Supply List.

Pro-Seal opens 6000 sq foot facility in Kenai, Alaska. The facility includes warehousing, full mechanical seal and pump repair.

Pro-Seal, now with 40 employees, celebrates its 20th year in business.

Top AES seal distribution company in USA.

Top AES seal distribution company in North America.

1998 – 2007:
Top Royal Purple distribution company in North America.