Lubrication Specialists

Lubrication related failures account for 54% of all bearing failures

Pro-Seal is an authorized distributor for Royal Purple®. Royal Purple is a highly advanced synthetic oil that will increase the efficiency and life of your equipment while delivering lower operating costs. Any serious effort to permanently reduce the ease of maintenance must include upgrading the quality of the lubrication.

Royal Purple® Features:

  • Longer life: Royal Purple® “beyond synthetic” oils are formulated with Synerlec additive technology and last considerably longer than other mineral and synthetic oils.
  • Water Protection: Equipment and oil is saved by rapidly and entirely separating form water. The water is easily drained from the bottom of the oil reservoir.
  • Energy Saving: The additive technology allows for lower amount of friction resulting in energy savings from 1 to 3 percent. Most often these savings can exceed the total cost of the oil within a couple months.
  • Cleanliness: Royal Purple® oils are up to 200 times cleaner than conventional lubricants delivered in steel drums or by bulk delivery.
  • High Film Strength: Royal Purple® lubricants are up to 400% stronger than other leading synthetic oils. Royal Purple® reduces part replacement, lowers operating temperatures, and reduces bearing and reduces maintenance and downtime.