Lubrication Delivery Systems

The process of delivering lubricants safely without contamination is many times overlooked as a priority until there are expensive machinery repairs, loss of productivity or an injury from accidental spills. The Fluid Defense Systems delivery system makes rusty metal cans and old milk bottles obsolete. The Fluid Defense Systems containers are patented and designed protects lubricants from dirt, dust, water and other contaminants that can cause costly repairs for equipment.

Fluid Defense Systems Features:

  • Creates a cleaner working environment – resulting in improved EPA compliance and less waste.
  • Color-coded lid system to increase efficiently, organization of the work flow, and prevent contamination.
  • Auto shutoff air intake enabling quick pouring of lubricants.
  • Significantly reduces costs by preventing dirt, dust and water form contaminating the lubricants, which can lead to costly machine repair. 
  • OSHA compliant because of its reliability and commitment to provides better storage and handling practices for a safer job site.