Mechanical Seal

Partnering with AESSEAL®, a world specialist in the research and development of mechanical seals, Pro-Seal Service Group affords its clients precision engineered products tailored to unique situations. Affiliated for over a decade, Pro-Seal Service Group has grown to become the exclusive distributer for AESSEAL® products in Michigan, Ohio and Alaska, and one of the top suppliers of mechanical seal products in the world.

AESSEAL® are modular designed mechanical seals.Pro-Seal Service Group has the experience and ability to set new industry standards in reliability and customer satisfaction.

Pro-Seal Service Group customers can take comfort with AESSEAL’s® 48hr shipment guarantee of standard products, so your process is never down longer than it needs to be.

With a full range of Component, Single Cartridge, Double Cartridge, Split, Metal Bellows, Mixer and API seals, Pro-Seal Service Group has the specific mechanical seal to fit your application.