Mechanical Seal Support System

Seal Support Systems for Mechanical Seals

Seal Support Systems are essential for maintaining barrier / flush fluid pressure and the integrity of the barrier / flush fluid when using mechanical seals. AESSEAL® offer a unique and extensive range of seal support system solutions for applications across all industries.  Pro-Seal SG utilizes cutting edge AESSEAL® Water Management, PUMPPAC, Gas Panel and Gas Pressurized System ranges, all of which meet the necessary certification and regulatory requirements (e.g. ASME VIII Div.1 2007, 2008a). Please read below or contact us directly for further details:

High Duty Division

The AESSEAL® High Duty Systems Division is dedicated to the development of Systems solutions to the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API). This includes the establishment of an innovative new modular manufacturing process for API Plans such as 53A, 53B, 53C, 54 and our Compact 107 Systems, which guarantees product delivery within short lead times. Pro-Seal SG worked alongside AESSEAL® during the development of these new concepts and is currently one of the key drivers of AESSEAL® API development in the USA.

Water Management Systems

Pro-Seal supply the unique and innovative range AESSEAL® Water Management Systems. The self maintenance Systems utilize the plant water line as their pressure and fluid source. These Systems can save in excess of a million gallons of water on a single pump application when compared to the wasteful cooling practices of quench to drain barrier fluid setups. Importantly, the Systems also significantly increase the reliability of the mechanical seal and therefore plant uptime. The award winning and fully patented Flow Fuse Water Management product is a true innovation in this market and on top of the aforementioned benefits offers additional protection to the integrity of the product being pumped upon seal interruption or failure.

Oil Barrier Fluid & Gas Barrier Systems

Pro-Seal SG supply a range of air pressurized AESSEAL® Seal Support Systems for use with oil based barrier fluids. A range of API plan 54 forced circulation PUMPPAC Systems are also available for use on more arduous applications or where a guaranteed flow of oil is required. In addition to this a range of Gas Panel Systems are available for use with Gas Seal technology or where an oil or water based barrier fluid can not be utilized.

Customer Service

AESSEAL® pressure tests every Seal Support System prior to its dispatch. This means that Pro-Seal SG customers can have full confidence that their Systems will be fit for purpose when they arrive at their location. Also, as standard AESSEAL® supply everything necessary for efficient installation and commissioning of your Seal Support System.