Oil Reservoir Breathers & Filtration

A lubricant’s prime enemies are moisture and dirt and can cause expensive repairs to your gear boxes and hydraulic systems. Pro-Seal SG offers Des-Case® breathers that replace your standard filter or breather caps and proactively protect your systems by using a powerful drying agent to extract moisture. The breathers use a powerful drying agent to filter and remove all possible contaminants. For 20 years Des-Case® has be perfecting their breathers and has become the standard patented technology for extending the life of lubricants worldwide.

Des-Case® Breather Features:

  • Combines moisture retention and particle filtration in one process.
  • Simple installation and an outdoor indicator changes to light pink when the units needs to be recharged.
  • Stops corrosion inside the oil reservoir tank by removing water and contaminants before it enters the tank.
  • Prevents entry of natural change agents and eliminating chemical reactions.
  • Has a dual stage filtration process that minimizes the amount of particles entering the tank.
  • Cuts maintenance, spoilage and reconditioning costs.